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IN THE RED CLAY Season 2 Finale is Here!

It's been a long road to get here, but the end of Season 2 | DURHAM has finally arrived. In this episode, I finally got my hands on the recorded interviews with Dixie Mafia member Billy Wayne Davis in which he confessed to his role in the Durham triple homicides in Boone, NC in 1972. But the confession has been highly scrutinized, as Davis had dementia at the time his confession was taken. Hear it for yourself and you decide - was the confession valid? Should the 50-year-old case have been closed?

Thanks to everyone who has listened to and supported this project as well as all of my other shows, I'm eternally grateful!

Also, my new investigative true crime podcast series DROWNING CREEK is available June 21st. Listen to the trailer now on Apple or Spotify!

Hear IN THE RED CLAY now wherever you listen to podcasts!


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