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Yea, it's hard to believe, right? Well, we all got another year older - that's the bad news. The good news is that there is a lot happening behind the scenes here. Several of my podcasts will be getting updates this year - sooner than later. AND I'll be releasing a new investigative podcast series soon. Drop date TBA. Here's the scoop on some of what you can expect:

In the Land of Lies - Michael Chapel's Habeas hearing will hopefully be officially back on the books very soon. If you've been following the podcast and Chapel's story, his Habeas hearing was delayed because the judge wanted the 7 boxes of sealed documents UNSEALED and reviewed before the hearing. That's a good thing! The boxes have been sealed since his trial in 1995, and we feel for good reason. I'll be updating this site and the podcast as we go and as new developments are available to share.

In the Red Clay - We've uncovered more newsworthy information to share regarding Billy Wayne Davis' prison "confession" and the Dixie Mafia's alleged involvement in the Durham triple homicides in Boone, NC back in 1972. Stay tuned - updates to follow!

Fox Hunter - Thanks to the Coleman-Baker Act, Rhonda Sue Coleman's case is now being reviewed by the GBI's new cold case unit. We are hopeful that this year (come on already!) we will get the results of the DNA test discussed in the podcast. I'll share any news I have as soon as I have it!

There are also a few other really exciting things that I can't share just yet regarding two of these podcasts. Trust me though, it's gonna be awesome when you all hear what's been happening! Happy New Year everyone, and thanks as always for your support!


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