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Raising Money for a Good Cause...

On Saturday, July 22nd we held a live event to raise money for Michael Chapel's defense fund in Statham, GA. We had over 150 guests in attendance, a silent auction, meet and greet, food and drinks. It really was an awesome night that culminated with a surprise LIVE call from Michael Chapel himself! I'll try to post more pics and video as I have them ready, but what a night. Thanks to all who showed up, donated and participated in the silent auction. Mike is now covered for the time being regarding his legal fund. Also announced that night was that Mike's Habeas hearing is to take place on August 28th. This is a crucial day for him and his fight for freedom. His legal team will be bringing out the big guns! The courtroom is open that day (in Tatnall County, GA) and we will be able to attend in person, but if you aren't able to show your support in person, the hearing will be live streamed. More info to follow...

In the Land of Lies LIVE

In the Land of Lies LIVE


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